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HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography Training) in Ahmedabad

K Analytical Laboratory is providing the highly proficient platform for learning of High Performance Liquid Chromatography that is HPLC which is in demand as per the current scenario of pharmaceutical industries. This organization is established to provide exposure to the technical aspects of HPLC and its use in various industries so that the intern could learn as per the standards. A complete package of theoretical and practical concept has been provided by the experts of industries who have worked for more than a decade. They train intern in a systematic way and ensure to deliver exact matter of content so that a practitioner could get the best of it.

HPLC is very common now a days and also very easy to learn. This technique deals with the separation of the organic and inorganic compound for proper analysis. This concept has been used in various departments like Food, Drug, Pharmaceutical, and Biological industry.

Those who are willing to join specific industries can get exposure in HPLC from our experts. They have trained lots of trainees who are working with reputed organizations. We believe to move on with digital experiences and technical advancements hence highly equipped laboratory and instruments are kept so that each and every concept could be taught in a detailed manner.

K Analytical Laboratory has visualized all concepts of HPLC and prepared the delivery of topics in a precise way so that trainee could learn more in the shortest span of time, that is topics are bifurcated as mentioned below.

Experts of K Analytical Laboratory provides the best practice session for

  • Agilent HPLC 1200 Series automatic
  • 1200 Infinite series
  • HPCL with PDA detector
  • HPCL isocratic with UV-VIS detector
  • Open lab software

By getting proper training in the above-mentioned concepts, a practitioner could be able to work in any of industry as we have designed the concept in such a way so that an individual could be the part of Pharmaceutical world. HPCL is the most demanding concept and hence if one wishes to get expertise in it, can browse the details and contact us anytime for the free consultation.

All modern concepts of HPLC are included so that trainees along with relative instrumentation and troubleshooting. This concept is used for separation, quantification, identification, and purification.


If we talk for minimum qualification then trainee must have diploma or degree of graduation in science. Post completion of the respective degree or diploma. i.e. B.Sc., M.Sc Chemistry, B. Pharm, M. Pharm and PhD student, chemical engineer., anyone can apply for the training in HPLC.

Now let’s have some interaction for topics so that one could aware of the concepts which will be taught by experts. Topics are designed in a precise manner along with practical sessions and modern concepts of HPLC.

Below mentioned is the organization of the topic:


  • Chromatography: Principle of chromatography
  • Detectors of HPLC and applications
  • Gradients
  • How to get retention and time of polarity


  • Fluorescence detectors and their applications
  • UV-Vis detectors and their applications


  • Creation of solutions along with mobilization
  • Methodology of HPLC
  • Collection of data via software


  • Integration and Quantization on software
  • Generation of reports

precautions & maintenance

  • Prevention and precautions
  • Troubleshooting


Hence if you are also looking to join our training institute just browse all the details. We will be more than happy to help you. Stay tuned for all the updates.